Reform of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989


A person with a disability does not choose to use a specialised vehicle they require them. These vehicles are an integral to their lives therefore it is imperative that the vehicle is fit for purpose, safe and reliable.

If the vehicle is off the road or its disability features have failed for any reason, the user cannot easily replace the vehicle as the average person could. In most cases, there are limited choices, public transport, a purpose designed taxi, assuming these options are suitable and available when required, or not travel at all.

This situation is exacerbated if there is an extended delay due to waiting for parts or worse, there are no parts available, this would create significant issues for the user of the vehicle. Therefore, as we consider Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2017, Tools part 4, Specialised and Enthusiast Vehicles Register, Division 6 Section120, Mobility criteria, rules on the ability to support the imported vehicle including spare parts availability for all aspects of the vehicle including the disability features is essential.

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Melanie RobertsonReform of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989

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