on the integration of

Motorised Mobility Devices (MMDs)

Let’s All Move Together

We are researching the use of powered mobility from the perspective of device users.

Research Aims

Research on the integration of motorised mobility devices (MMDs) – such as mobility scooters and electronic wheelchairs – into society is urgently required. Little is known about the best way to support and regulate MMDs in Australia. Indeed, a key recommendation of the recent Senate Enquiry into Motorised Scooters was the need for research.

  • Explain

    To explain the use of powered mobility from the perspective of device users;

  • Stakeholders

    To integrate insights from a wide range of stakeholders in health, transport, infrastructure, government and industry with the perspective of users to explain the context of social mobility use;

  • Change

    To develop well-justified and legitimate recommendations for change by engaging with citizens about powered mobility;

  • Rethink

    To rethink powered mobility futures through a spatial mobility justice framework; and

  • Inform

    To inform policy, legislation, regulation and technology development for integrated powered mobility through identifying necessary changes to the built, social and policy environment.

What’s the Research About?

The project aims to increase knowledge about the everyday meanings and experiences of MMDs. The project seeks to provide insights to how people who are reliant upon MMDs negotiate the current transport infrastructure

The research will provide important insight to advocates, suppliers, regulators, policy makers, and people who rely on MMDs. Anticipated outcomes include an empirical evidence baseline to inform planning and policy agendas in transport, disability and health.

The research may also influence the planning of infrastructure and the types of MMDs designed and sold in the future.

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